Sydnie Jimenez - Ceramicist and Multimedia Artist

We talked to @syddd.viciouss about her artistic process, collaboration with her twin @_h4yli3, and how her figures are a form of representation for younger generations to come. 

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Fnnngn - Tattoo & Visual Artist

We interviewed @fnnngn to talk about their work as a tattoo and multimedia artist, graffiti, life, sobriety and finding inspiration in everything.

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Aaron Kai - Muralist and Visual Artist

We talked to @aaronkkai about his life as an artist and muralist from Hawaii, collaborations with Adidas, Heineken, and Bearbrick, as well as working with artists such as Bobby Hundreds @bobbyhundreds and T-Rex Global @t_rexglobal, how he got his start in the Bay Area, his inspirations growing up and what puts a battery in his back.

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Joshua Maupin AKA LILKOOL- Multimedia Artist & Creator of the SPACE LOOTERS Universe

We spoke to Brooklyn-based artist Josh Maupin/LILKOOL about his work as an illustrator, cartoons, acid rave adventures, and his collaborative work with @converse and @bape_japan. Josh also runs  LILKOOL STUDIOS and is the creator of an animated 3D universe called the Space Looters.  

Find our conversation with LILKOOL in Issue 2 of BOM. 

Jordan Hartigan- Graphic Designer and creator of BURMA MFG

BOM Issue 3: Deconstruction features an interview with Jordan Hartigan (@jordan.hartigan) graphic designer and creative director of the brand BURMA MFG (@burmamfg), a Phoenix-based skate brand that has created its own distinct graphic style and collaborated with brands like FTP. We chat with Jordan about the origins of BURMA, creating the perfect graphic, and how he works across multiple mediums. Jordan just released a new book, Doomed From The Start, now available on