Sydnie Jimenez - Ceramicist and Multimedia Artist

We talked to @syddd.viciouss about her artistic process, collaboration with her twin @_h4yli3, and how her figures are a form of representation for younger generations to come. 

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Fnnngn - Tattoo & Visual Artist

We interviewed @fnnngn to talk about their work as a tattoo and multimedia artist, graffiti, life, sobriety and finding inspiration in everything.

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Aaron Kai - Muralist and Visual Artist

We talked to @aaronkkai about his life as an artist and muralist from Hawaii, collaborations with Adidas, Heineken, and Bearbrick, as well as working with artists such as Bobby Hundreds @bobbyhundreds and T-Rex Global @t_rexglobal, how he got his start in the Bay Area, his inspirations growing up and what puts a battery in his back.

Find our interview in issue 1 of BOM.

Joshua Maupin AKA LILKOOL- Multimedia Artist & Creator of the SPACE LOOTERS Universe

We spoke to Brooklyn-based artist Josh Maupin/LILKOOL about his work as an illustrator, cartoons, acid rave adventures, and his collaborative work with @converse and @bape_japan. Josh also runs  LILKOOL STUDIOS and is the creator of an animated 3D universe called the Space Looters.  

Find our conversation with LILKOOL in Issue 2 of BOM.